Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.576
Payment and disposition of fine.


For the purpose of collecting fines or penalties imposed by a court-martial, the president of any general or special court-martial and the summary court officer of any summary court-martial shall make a list of all fines and penalties and of the persons against whom they have been imposed, and may thereafter issue a warrant under his or her hand directed to any sheriff or constable of the county, commanding him or her to levy and collect such fines, together with the costs, upon and out of the property of the person against whom the fine or penalty was imposed.


Such warrant shall be executed and renewed in the same manner as executions from Justice Courts are executed and renewed.


The amount of such a fine may be noted upon any state roll or account for pay of the delinquent and deducted from any pay or allowance due or thereafter to become due him or her, until the fine is liquidated. Any sum so deducted shall be turned in to the military court which imposed the fine and shall be paid over by the officer receiving it in like manner as provided for other fines and moneys collected under a sentence of a summary court-martial.


All fines collected shall be paid by the officer collecting the same to the commanding officer of the organization of which the person fined is or was a member and accounted for by the commanding officer in the same manner as are other state funds.


Fines imposed by a military court or through imposition of nonjudicial punishment may be paid to the State and delivered to the court or imposing officer, or to a person executing their process. Fines may be collected in the following manner:


By cash or money order;


By retention of any pay or allowances due or to become due to the person fined from any state or the United States; or


By garnishment or levy, together with costs, on the wages, goods and chattels of a person delinquent in paying a fine, as provided by law.
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