Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.2935
Announcement of results of punishment.


A punishment may be announced at the next formation of the unit of the accused after the punishment is imposed or, if appealed, after the decision on the appeal. The announcement may also be posted on a bulletin board of the unit or published in a newsletter or web publication of the unit.


The announcement of the results of punishments may be used to mitigate perceptions of unfairness of punishment and to serve as a deterrent to similar misconduct by other servicemen and servicewomen. The announcement of punishments must not be undertaken to invoke public embarrassment or scorn of the serviceman or servicewoman so punished. Accordingly, the practice of announcing punishments must be undertaken in a consistent manner to avoid the appearance of favoritism or vindictiveness.


In deciding whether to announce the punishment of servicemen and servicewomen in the grade of E-5 or above, the commanding officer shall consider the following factors:


The nature of the offense;


The military record and duty position of the serviceman or servicewoman being punished;


The deterrent effect of announcing the punishment;


The impact on the morale or mission of the applicable unit;


The impact on the victim, if any, of the servicemans or servicewomans offense; and


The impact on the ability of the serviceman or servicewoman to lead.
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