Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.328
Convening summary court-martial.


In the Nevada National Guard not in federal service, a summary court-martial may be convened by:


Any person who may convene a general court-martial;


The commanding officer of a detached company or other detachment or corresponding unit of the Nevada Army National Guard;


The commanding officer of a detached squadron or other detachment or the corresponding unit of the Nevada Air National Guard; or


The commanding officer or officer in charge of any other command when empowered by the Adjutant General.


When only one commissioned officer is present with a command or detachment he or she shall be the summary court-martial of that command or detachment and shall hear and determine all summary court-martial cases brought before him or her. Summary courts-martial may, however, be convened in any case by superior competent authority when considered desirable by such authority.
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