Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.048
Adjutant General: Duties; employees.

The Adjutant General shall serve as the Chief of Staff to the Governor, the Director of the Office of the Military and the Commander of the Nevada National Guard, and:


Is responsible, under the direction of the Governor, for the supervision of all matters pertaining to the administration, discipline, mobilization, organization and training of the Nevada National Guard, reservists of the Nevada National Guard and volunteer military organizations licensed by the Governor.


Shall perform all duties required of him or her by the laws of the United States and of the State of Nevada, and the regulations issued thereunder.


Shall employ such deputies, assistants and other personnel as he or she deems necessary to assist in the performance of those duties required of the Adjutant General as Director of the Office. The Adjutant General may so employ either members of the Nevada National Guard or civilian personnel. The duties of all deputies, assistants and other personnel appointed must be prescribed by Office regulations. All such employees are in the unclassified service of the State except civilian, clerical, administrative, maintenance and custodial employees who are in the classified service of the State.
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