Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.408
Punishments limited.


The punishments which a court-martial may direct for an offense may not exceed limits prescribed by this Code, but a sentence may not exceed more than confinement for 10 years for a military offense nor can a sentence of death be adjudged. Any conviction by general court-martial of any military offense for which an accused can receive a sentence of confinement for more than 1 year is a felony. Except for convictions by a summary court-martial, all other military offenses are misdemeanors. Any conviction by a summary court-martial is not a criminal conviction.


The limits of punishment for violations of punitive articles prescribed herein must be the lesser of the sentences prescribed by the Manual for Courts-Martial of the United States that went into effect on January 1, 2004, and the most current edition of the State manual for courts-martial, if any, but no punishment may exceed that authorized by this Code.


None of the provisions of this Code shall subject anyone to imprisonment for failure to pay a fine imposed by a military court.
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