Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.1435
Patriot Relief Account: Creation; nonreversion; interest and income; claims; gifts, grants and donations; uses; regulations.


The Patriot Relief Account is hereby created as a special account in the State General Fund.


The money in the Patriot Relief Account does not lapse to the State General Fund at the end of any fiscal year. The interest and income earned on the sum of:


The money in the Patriot Relief Account, after deducting any applicable charges; and


Unexpended appropriations made to the Patriot Relief Account from the State General Fund,
Ê must be credited to the Account. All claims against the Patriot Relief Account must be paid as other claims against the State are paid.


The Office may accept gifts, grants and donations from any source for deposit in the Patriot Relief Account.


To the extent money is available from legislative appropriation or otherwise in the Patriot Relief Account, the money in the Patriot Relief Account may only be used to provide:


Reimbursement to a member of the Nevada National Guard for the cost of:


Premiums on a policy of group life insurance purchased pursuant to the provisions of 38 U.S.C. §§ 1965 et seq.; or


Textbooks required for a course of study in which the member is enrolled at an institution within the Nevada System of Higher Education; and


Monetary relief from economic hardships experienced by a member of the Nevada National Guard.


The Adjutant General shall adopt any regulations necessary to determine eligibility for reimbursement or monetary relief from the Patriot Relief Account and to carry out a program to provide such reimbursement and monetary relief.
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