Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.134
Reservists and volunteers on active duty: Period; applicability of laws and regulations; pay and allowances; authority of Governor to receive certain grants from Federal Government; uniforms.


Reservists and volunteers called out for duty must be mustered at once into the service of the State for such period as the Governor directs, not exceeding the limits provided by NRS 412.188.


Except as otherwise expressly provided by Office regulations, all the military forces must be organized as prescribed for organization of the Nevada National Guard at the time, and must be officered, equipped, trained and commanded according to the laws and regulations governing the Nevada National Guard, as nearly as practicable, and all laws relating to the Nevada National Guard or to the duties, rights, privileges or immunities of the members thereof shall apply to and govern the other military forces and the members thereof, so far as applicable, but the age limits for initial appointment of officers in the federally recognized National Guard do not apply to officers of the other military forces.


The pay and allowances of the officers and enlisted personnel of all branches of the military forces on active duty in the service of the State must be the same as provided for the Nevada National Guard when on such duty.


The Governor may receive from the Federal Government any arms, equipment, munitions, supplies and other grants for the use of the military forces of the State that may be available.


The military forces must be uniformed in such manner as the Governor may prescribe, subject to federal laws or regulations and Office regulations.
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