Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies

Sec. § 412.052
Adjutant General: Additional duties; seal.

The Adjutant General:


Shall supervise the preparation and submission of all returns and reports pertaining to the militia of the State required by the United States.


Is the channel of official military correspondence with the Governor, and, on or before November 1 of each even-numbered year, shall report to the Governor the transactions, expenditures and condition of the Nevada National Guard. The report must include the report of the United States Property and Fiscal Officer.


Is the custodian of records of officers and enlisted personnel and all other records and papers required by law or regulations to be filed in the office of the Adjutant General. The Adjutant General may deposit with the Division of State Library, Archives and Public Records of the Department of Administration for safekeeping records of the office that are used for historical purposes rather than the administrative purposes assigned to the office by law.


Shall attest all military commissions issued and keep a roll of all commissioned officers, with dates of commission and all changes occurring in the commissioned forces.


Shall record, authenticate and communicate to units and members of the militia all orders, instructions and regulations.


Shall cause to be procured, printed and circulated to those concerned all books, blank forms, laws, regulations or other publications governing the militia necessary to the proper administration, operation and training of it or to carry out the provisions of this chapter.


Shall keep an appropriate seal of office and affix its impression to all certificates of record issued from his or her office.


Shall render such professional aid and assistance and perform such military duties, not otherwise assigned, as may be ordered by the Governor.

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