Nevada Military Affairs and Civil Emergencies
Sec. § 412.334
Military judge of general or special court-martial.


A military judge must be detailed to each general and special court-martial. The military judge shall preside over each open session of the court-martial to which the military judge has been detailed.


The authority convening a general or special court-martial shall request the State Judge Advocate to detail a military judge. Neither the convening authority nor any staff member of the convening authority may prepare or review any report concerning the effectiveness, fitness or efficiency of the military judge who is detailed if the report relates to the military judge’s performance of duty as a military judge.


No person may act as military judge in a case wherein the person is the accuser, a witness, counsel or has acted as investigating officer.


The military judge may not consult with the members of the court except in the presence of the accused and trial and defense counsel, nor may he or she vote with the members of the court.
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