Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.685
Action on creditors’ claims; appeal of disallowed claims.


The clerk of the district court, immediately upon the expiration of the time fixed for the filing of claims, shall notify the trustee or receiver of the filing of the claims. The trustee or receiver shall inspect the claims and within 30 days notify each claimant of his or her decision. The trustee or receiver may require all creditors whose claims are disputed to submit themselves to an examination in relation to their claims, and to produce such books and papers relating to their claims as the trustee or receiver requests. The trustee or receiver may examine, under oath or affirmation, all witnesses produced before him or her regarding the claims, and shall pass upon and allow or disallow the claims, or any part thereof, and notify the claimants of the determination.


Every creditor or claimant who has received notice from the receiver or trustee that his or her claim has been disallowed in whole or in part may appeal to the district court within 30 days thereafter. The court, after a hearing, shall determine the rights of the parties.

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