Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.570
Sale of property and franchise under decree of court.

Sales of the property and franchises of corporations that may be sold under a decree of court shall be made after such notice of the time and place as the court may deem proper. If the sales are made in the foreclosure of one or more mortgages, the court may order the sale to be made for the whole amount of indebtedness secured by the mortgage or mortgages, or for the amount of interest due under the mortgage or mortgages, subject to the payment by the purchaser of the outstanding indebtedness and interest secured thereby as they become due. In the latter event the court may, by proper orders, secure the assumption thereof by the purchaser. When a sale shall be ordered to be made, subject as aforesaid, the court shall direct the officer making such sale, in the event that the property and franchises offered do not sell for enough to pay the amount aforesaid, to sell the same free from encumbrances. Sales under this section shall be made on such credits as the court may deem proper.

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