Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities
Sec. § 78.012
Legislative findings and declaration regarding laws of this State governing incorporation and internal affairs of domestic corporations and directors, officers and stockholders of domestic corporations.

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that:


It is important to the economy of this State, and to domestic corporations, their directors and officers, and their stockholders, employees, creditors and other constituencies, for the laws governing domestic corporations to be clear and comprehensible.


The laws of this State govern the incorporation and internal affairs of a domestic corporation and the rights, privileges, powers, duties and liabilities, if any, of its directors, officers and stockholders.


The plain meaning of the laws enacted by the Legislature in this title, including, without limitation, the fiduciary duties and liability of the directors and officers of a domestic corporation set forth in NRS 78.138 and 78.139, must not be supplanted or modified by laws or judicial decisions from any other jurisdiction.


The directors and officers of a domestic corporation, in exercising their duties under NRS 78.138 and 78.139, may be informed by the laws and judicial decisions of other jurisdictions and the practices observed by business entities in any such jurisdiction, but the failure or refusal of a director or officer to consider, or to conform the exercise of his or her powers to, the laws, judicial decisions or practices of another jurisdiction does not constitute or indicate a breach of a fiduciary duty.
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