Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.010
Definitions; construction.


As used in this chapter:


“Approval” and “vote” as describing action by the directors or stockholders mean the vote of directors in person or by written consent or of stockholders in person, by proxy or by written consent.


“Articles,” “articles of incorporation” and “certificate of incorporation” are synonymous terms and, unless the context otherwise requires, include all certificates filed pursuant to NRS 78.030, 78.180, 78.185, 78.1955, 78.209, 78.380, 78.385, 78.390, 78.725 and 78.730 and any articles of merger, conversion, exchange or domestication filed pursuant to NRS 92A.200 to 92A.240, inclusive, or 92A.270. Unless the context otherwise requires, these terms include restated articles and certificates of incorporation.


“Directors” and “trustees” are synonymous terms.


“Entity” means a foreign or domestic:


Corporation, whether or not for profit;


Limited-liability company;


Limited partnership; or


Business trust.


“Principal office” means the office, in or out of this State, where the principal executive offices of a domestic or foreign corporation are located.


“Receiver” includes receivers and trustees appointed by a court as provided in this chapter or in chapter 32 of NRS.


“Registered agent” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 77.230.


“Registered office” means the office maintained at the street address of the registered agent.


“Stockholder of record” means a person whose name appears on the stock ledger of the corporation as the owner of record of shares of any class or series of the stock of the corporation. The term does not include a beneficial owner of shares who is not simultaneously the owner of record of such shares as indicated in the stock ledger.


General terms and powers given in this chapter are not restricted by the use of special terms, or by any grant of special powers contained in this chapter.

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