Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.610
Duties of trustees or receivers; payment and distribution to creditors and stockholders.

The trustees or receivers, after payment of all allowances, expenses and costs, and the satisfaction of all special and general liens upon the funds of the corporation to the extent of their lawful priority, shall pay the other debts due from the corporation, if the funds in their hands shall be sufficient therefor, and if not, they shall distribute the same ratably among all the creditors who shall prove their debts in the manner that shall be directed by an order or decree of the court for that purpose. If there shall be any balance remaining after the payment of the debts and necessary expenses (or the making of adequate provision therefor), they shall distribute and pay the same to and among those who shall be justly entitled thereto, as having been stockholders of the corporation, or their legal representatives.

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