Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.660
Powers of district court.


The court shall have power to send for persons and papers and to examine any persons, including the creditors and claimants, and the president, directors and other officers and agents of the corporation, on oath or affirmation, respecting its affairs and transactions and its estate, money, goods, chattels, credits, notes, bills and choses in action, real and personal estate and effects of every kind, and also respecting its debts, obligations, contracts and liabilities, and the claims against it.


If any person shall refuse to be sworn or affirmed, or to make answers to such questions as shall be put to the person, or refuse to declare the whole truth touching the subject matter of the examination, the district court may commit such person to a place of confinement, there to remain until the person shall submit to be examined, and pay all the costs of the proceedings against the person.

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