Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities
Sec. § 78.0297
Corporate records: Manner of storage; conversion of electronic records into clear and legible paper form; admissibility in evidence of electronic records.


Except as otherwise required by federal or state law, any records maintained by a corporation in its regular course of business, including, without limitation, its stock ledger, minute books, books of account and financial records, may be kept on, or by means of, any information processing system or other information storage device or medium, or in the form of an electronic record.


A corporation shall convert within a reasonable time any electronic records into clear and legible paper form upon the request of any person entitled to inspect the records maintained by the corporation pursuant to any provision of this chapter.


A clear and legible paper form produced from electronic records is admissible in evidence and accepted for all other purposes to the same extent as an original paper record with the same information provided that the paper form portrays the record accurately.
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