Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.280
Purchase by corporation of its own stock at assessment sale when no other available purchaser.


Every corporation in this State may, whenever at any assessment sale of the stock of the corporation no person will take the stock and pay the assessment, or amount unpaid and due thereon and costs, purchase such stock and hold the stock for the benefit of the corporation.


All purchases of its own stock by any corporation in this State which have been previously made at assessment sales whereat outside persons have failed to bid, and which purchases were for the amount of assessments due, and costs or otherwise, are valid, and vest the legal title to the stock in the corporation.


The stock so purchased is subject to the control of the remaining stockholders, who may dispose of the stock as they may deem fit.


Whenever any portion of the stock of any corporation is held by the corporation by purchase or otherwise, a majority of the remaining shares of stock in the corporation is a majority of the shares of the stock in the incorporated company, for all purposes of election or voting on any question before a stockholders’ meeting.

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