Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.655
Reorganization of corporation by majority of stockholders during receivership.

Whenever stockholders holding stock entitling them to exercise at least a majority of the voting power of the corporation shall have agreed upon a plan for the reorganization of the corporation and a resumption by it of the management and control of its property and business, the corporation may, with the consent of the district court:


Upon the reconveyance to it of its property and franchises, mortgage the same for such amount as may be necessary for the purposes of reorganization; and


Issue bonds or other evidences of indebtedness, or additional stock of one or more classes, with or without nominal or par value, or both, or both bonds and stock, or certificates of investment or participation certificates, and use the same for the full or partial payment of the creditors who will accept the same, or otherwise dispose of the same for the purposes of the reorganization.

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