Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 78.152
List or statement to be maintained at principal office or with custodian of records; requirement to assist in criminal investigation; failure to comply; regulations.


In addition to any records required to be kept at its principal office or with the custodian of records pursuant to NRS 78.105, a corporation that is not a publicly traded corporation shall maintain at the principal office in this State or with the custodian of records a current list of its owners of record.


Upon the request of the Secretary of State, the corporation shall:


Provide the Secretary of State with the name and contact information of the custodian of the list described in subsection 1. The information required pursuant to this paragraph shall be kept confidential by the Secretary of State.


Provide written notice to the Secretary of State within 10 days after any change in the information contained in the list described in subsection 1.


Upon the request of any law enforcement agency in the course of a criminal investigation, the Secretary of State may require a corporation to:


Submit to the Secretary of State, within 3 business days, a copy of the list required to be maintained pursuant to subsection 1; or


Answer any interrogatory submitted by the Secretary of State that will assist in the criminal investigation.


If a corporation fails to comply with any requirement pursuant to subsection 3, the Secretary of State may take any action necessary, including, without limitation, the suspension or revocation of the corporate charter.


The Secretary of State shall not reinstate or revive a charter that was revoked or suspended pursuant to subsection 4 unless:


The corporation complies with the requirements of subsection 3; or


The law enforcement agency conducting the investigation advises the Secretary of State to reinstate or revive the corporate charter.


The Secretary of State may adopt regulations to administer the provisions of this section.

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