Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 687B.225
Requirements for contracts for payment of cost of medical or dental care which require prior authorization of care.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 689A.0405, 689A.0413, 689A.044, 689A.0445, 689B.031, 689B.0313, 689B.0317, 689B.0374, 695B.1912, 695B.1914, 695B.1925, 695B.1942, 695C.1713, 695C.1735, 695C.1745, 695C.1751, 695G.170, 695G.171 and 695G.177, any contract for group, blanket or individual health insurance or any contract by a nonprofit hospital, medical or dental service corporation or organization for dental care which provides for payment of a certain part of medical or dental care may require the insured or member to obtain prior authorization for that care from the insurer or organization. The insurer or organization shall:


File its procedure for obtaining approval of care pursuant to this section for approval by the Commissioner; and


Respond to any request for approval by the insured or member pursuant to this section within 20 days after it receives the request.


The procedure for prior authorization may not discriminate among persons licensed to provide the covered care.
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