Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 687B.122
Readability of policies: Applicability of requirements.


The provisions of NRS 687B.122 to 687B.128, inclusive:


Apply to all policies, certificates or contracts of life or health insurance, including credit insurance as defined in NRS 690A.015, delivered or issued for delivery in this state, including policies, certificates or contracts issued by fraternal benefit societies and hospital, medical or dental service corporations, health maintenance organizations and other similar organizations, and certificates issued pursuant to a policy of group insurance delivered or issued for delivery in this state, except:


Any policy which is a security subject to federal jurisdiction;


Any policy covering the lives of a group of 1,000 or more persons as of its date of issuance, other than a group policy for credit insurance and any certificate issued pursuant to any group policy;


Any group annuity which serves to finance pension, profit-sharing or deferred compensation plans; or


Any form used in connection with, as a conversion from, as an addition to or in exchange for a policy delivered or issued for delivery on a form approved or permitted to be issued before July 1, 1983.


Are not intended to increase any risk assumed by an insurer.


Do not supersede the provisions of this Title or other law applicable to the delivery or issuance of policies of insurance.


Are not intended to restrict or discourage the development of new policies and provisions.


Do not require standardization of forms for or provisions of policies.


Any policy written in a language other than English shall be deemed to comply with NRS 687B.124 if the insurer certifies that it is translated from a policy written in English which complies with that section.


The provisions of NRS 687B.122 to 687B.128, inclusive, apply to renewals on or after July 1, 1983, of policies delivered or issued for delivery before that date.
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