Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 687B.290
Exemption of proceeds: Annuities; assignability of rights.


The benefits, rights, privileges and options which under any annuity contract issued prior to or after January 1, 1972, are due or prospectively due the annuitant shall not be subject to execution nor shall the annuitant be compelled to exercise any such rights, powers or options, nor shall creditors be allowed to interfere with or terminate the contract, except as to amounts paid for or as premium on any such annuity with intent to defraud creditors, with interest thereon, and of which the creditor has given the insurer written notice at its home office prior to the making of the payment to the annuitant out of which the creditor seeks to recover. Any such notice shall specify the amount claimed or such facts as will enable the insurer to ascertain such amount, and shall set forth such facts as will enable the insurer to ascertain the annuity contract, the annuitant and the payment sought to be avoided on the ground of fraud.


If the contract so provides, the benefits, rights, privileges or options accruing under such contract to a beneficiary or assignee shall not be transferable or subject to commutation, and the same exemptions and exceptions contained in this section for the annuitant shall apply with respect to such beneficiary or assignee.
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