Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 687B.410
Withdrawal of insurance for particular class of insureds: Notice; administrative review.


An insurer which intends to withdraw from providing insurance for a particular class of insureds shall notify the Commissioner of that intention at least 60 days before the notice of cancellation or nonrenewal is delivered or mailed to the insureds.


Upon receipt of a written request from an insured, the Division shall, within 15 days after the receipt of the request, review the ground for cancellation or nonrenewal. If after the review the Division fails to find that the insurer can demonstrate the grounds for cancellation or nonrenewal by clear and convincing evidence, the cancellation or nonrenewal shall be deemed withdrawn by the insurer and the policy reinstated or renewed. Such a request for review by the Division must be made within 30 days after the insured receives the notice of cancellation or nonrenewal.
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