Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 687B.190
Delivery of policy.


If the original policy is delivered or is so required to be delivered to or for deposit with any vendor, mortgagee or pledgee of any motor vehicle, in which policy any interest of the vendee, mortgagor or pledgor in or with reference to such vehicle is insured, a duplicate of such policy setting forth the name and address of the insurer, insurance classification of vehicle, type of coverage, limits of liability, premiums for the respective coverages and duration of the policy, or memorandum thereof containing the same such information, shall be delivered by the vendor, mortgagee or pledgee to each such vendee, mortgagor or pledgor named in the policy or coming within the group of persons designated in the policy to be so included. If the policy does not provide coverage of legal liability for injury to persons or damage to the property of third parties, a statement of such fact shall be printed, written or stamped conspicuously on the face of such duplicate policy or memorandum.


This section does not apply to inland marine floater policies.
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