Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 687B.340


Subject to subsection 2, a policyholder has a right to have his or her policy renewed, on the terms then being applied by the insurer to persons, similarly situated, for an additional period equivalent to the expiring term if the agreed term is 1 year or less, or for 1 year if the agreed term is longer than 1 year, unless:


At least 60 days for commercial or business policies; and


At least 30 days for all other policies,
Ê before the date of expiration provided in the policy the insurer mails or delivers to the policyholder a notice of intention not to renew the policy beyond the agreed expiration date. If an insurer fails to provide a timely notice of nonrenewal, the insurer shall provide the insured with a policy of insurance on the identical terms as in the expiring policy.


This section does not apply if the policyholder has accepted replacement coverage or has requested or agreed to nonrenewal, or if the policy is expressly designated as nonrenewable by a clause approved or deemed to be approved by the Commissioner.
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