Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 687B.310
Cancellations and nonrenewals; scope of application.


NRS 687B.310 to 687B.420, inclusive, apply to all binders and all contracts of insurance the general terms of which are required to be approved or are subject to disapproval by the Commissioner, except as otherwise provided by statute or by rule pursuant to subsection 3.


The contract may provide terms more favorable to policyholders than are required by NRS 687B.310 to 687B.420, inclusive.


The Commissioner may by rule exempt from NRS 687B.310 to 687B.420, inclusive, classes of insurance contracts where the policyholders do not need protection against arbitrary termination.


The rights provided by NRS 687B.310 to 687B.420, inclusive, are in addition to and do not prejudice any other rights the policyholder may have at common law or under other statutes.


NRS 687B.310 to 687B.420, inclusive, do not prevent the rescission or reformation of any life or health insurance contract not otherwise denied by the terms of the contract or by any other statute.


Any notice to an insured required pursuant to NRS 687B.320 to 687B.350, inclusive, must be personally delivered to the insured or mailed first class or certified to the insured at the address of the insured last known by the insurer. The notice must state the effective date of the cancellation or nonrenewal and be accompanied by a written explanation of the specific reasons for the cancellation or nonrenewal.
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