General Provisions


“Binder” defined.
Waiver of payment of premium.
Insurable interest: Personal insurance.
Insurable interest: Exception when certain institutions designated beneficiary.
Insurable interest: Property.
Power to contract: Purchase of insurance and annuities by minors.
Consent of insured to life or health insurance required; exceptions; notice of application for or request to increase coverage of insurance upon life of another required.
Alteration of application: Life and health insurance.
Application as evidence.
Representations in applications.
Control of cost of health care: Provisions encouraging use of certain services and facilities.
Control of cost of health care: Insurer required to use three or more practices that control cost in administering benefits.
Filing and approval of forms; exemption; appeal of disapproval.
Readability of policies: Applicability of requirements.
Readability of policies: Flesch test; style, arrangement and overall appearance; index or table of contents.
Readability of policies: Filing policy for Commissioner’s approval; exceptions to score requirements on Flesch test.
Readability of policies: Approval by Commissioner.
Grounds for disapproval.
Standard provisions.
Provisions in policies of casualty insurance: Proration of recovery or benefits; uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage; coverage for medical expenses; insurer not entitled to subrogation upon payment made because of underinsured vehicle coverage.
Exclusion, reduction or limitation of certain coverage in motor vehicle insurance policies allowed; conditions; form and contents of disclosure.
Inclusion of portion of charter or bylaws.
Execution of policies.
Underwriters’ and combination policies.
Validity and construction of noncomplying forms.
Binders: Issuance; effective dates.
Binders: Forms; required statement; delivery.
Binders: Form and premium for policy issued as replacement.
Binders: Prohibition of use to lower premiums.
Binders: Proof of insurance coverage.
Binders: Disapproval of insurer.
Delivery of policy.
Payment discharges insurer.
Forms for proof of loss to be furnished.
Requirements for contracts for payment of cost of medical or dental care which require prior authorization of care.
Administration of claims not waiver.
Payment not to constitute admission of liability or waiver of defenses.
Insurer to pay claim with negotiable instrument.
Exemption of proceeds of certain policies.
Exemption of proceeds: Health insurance.
Exemption of proceeds: Group insurance.
Exemption of proceeds: Annuities; assignability of rights.
Retention of proceeds of policy by insurer.
Cancellations and nonrenewals; scope of application.
Midterm cancellation; exception.
Industrial insurance policies: Midterm cancellation; notice to policyholder.
Anniversary cancellation.
Annual review of coverage and benefits provided in policy.
Renewal with altered terms.
Information about claims paid on behalf of policyholder; regulations.
Information about grounds.
Information about applying for insurance through certain plans; exception.
Refusal to issue, cancellation, nonrenewal or increase in premium due to claims for which insured was not at fault, claims for which insurer made no payment or recovered entirety of payment or inquiries relating to a claim prohibited.
Cancellation or nonrenewal on sole basis of age, residence, race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or occupation prohibited.
Discrimination on sole basis of age prohibited; burden of proof; exception.
Compliance with certain federal laws regarding genetic information.
Compliance with certain federal laws regarding mental health and addiction.
Compliance with certain federal laws regarding dependent students.
Authority of nonprofit health benefit plan regarding prescription drugs.
Notifications required concerning changes related to prescription drugs used for transplanted organs.
Payments to out-of-network providers for treatment of mental health or alcohol or substance use disorder.
Withdrawal of insurance for particular class of insureds: Notice; administrative review.
Notice of proposed cancellation, nonrenewal or alteration of terms of certain policies, contracts or plans of insurance.
Regulations: Policies which provide for payment of expenses not covered by Medicare; sale of more than one policy of health insurance to same person.
Umbrella policies: Disclosure statement indicating whether policy includes uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage; form.
Required medical examination; potentially serious medical condition; notification.
Certificates of insurance for property or casualty insurance.
Policies of health insurance including prescription drug coverage: Restrictions on moving prescription drug from lower-cost tier to higher-cost tier.