Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 684A.165
Standards of conduct.


An adjuster shall be honest and fair in all communications with the insured, the insurer and the public.


An adjuster shall give policyholders and claimants prompt, knowledgeable service and courteous, fair and objective treatment at all times.


An adjuster shall not give legal advice and shall not deal directly with any policyholder or claimant who is represented by legal counsel without the consent of the legal counsel involved.


An adjuster shall comply with all local, state and federal privacy and information security laws, if applicable.


An adjuster shall identify himself or herself as an adjuster and, if applicable, identify his or her employer when dealing with any policyholder or claimant.


An adjuster shall not have any financial interest in any adjustment or acquire for himself or herself or any person any interest or title in salvage without first receiving written authority from the principal.
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