Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 684A.140
Associate adjuster: Application for license; fee; license; penalty.


Concurrently with an application for a license or for renewal of a license as an adjuster, the applicant or licensee must provide an appointment for each associate adjuster employed by him or her or to be employed by him or her contingent upon issuance of the license. Each person who desires to become licensed as an associate adjuster must submit an application to the Commissioner for such a license. The application must include the social security number of the applicant.


Upon payment of all applicable fees, the Commissioner shall issue and deliver to a licensed adjuster a license for each associate authorized by the State to act on behalf of the licensee. The Commissioner shall not issue a license as an associate adjuster to a person who is licensed as a producer of insurance for property, casualty or surety or a surplus lines broker.


The license of an associate adjuster may be renewed upon payment of all applicable fees. The license terminates at the same time as the license of the employing adjuster unless, within 30 days after the termination of the license, the associate adjuster submits to the Commissioner all applicable fees and a request to be employed by another employing adjuster. The Commissioner shall promptly terminate an associate adjuster’s license upon written request therefor by the employing adjuster.


A person shall not act as or hold himself or herself out in this State to be an associate adjuster unless the person holds a current license as such issued to the person by the Commissioner. A violation of this provision is a gross misdemeanor.
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