Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 684A.105
Exemption from examination.


An adjuster whose license expires is exempt from retaking the examination required by NRS 684A.100 if:


The adjuster:


Is not a resident of this State;


Has passed an examination to become licensed as an adjuster in the person’s home state; and


Is currently licensed and in good standing in the person’s home state as an adjuster; or


The adjuster was licensed in this State as the same type of adjuster within the 24-month period immediately preceding the date of the application, unless the previous license was revoked or suspended or its continuation was refused by the Commissioner.


A person who applies for a license as an adjuster pursuant to NRS 684A.090 is exempt from taking the examination required by NRS 684A.100 if the person:


Is licensed as an adjuster in another state;


Establishes legal residency in this State; and


Submits an application for a license pursuant to NRS 684A.090 within 90 days after establishing legal residency in this State.
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