Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 684A.130
Expiration and renewal of license; request for waiver; notice to Commissioner of change of residence or business address; authority of Commissioner to contract for ministerial functions related to licensing; inapplicability of provisions to temporary licenses.


Each license issued under this chapter continues in force for 3 years unless it is suspended, revoked or otherwise terminated. A license may be renewed upon payment of all applicable fees for renewal to the Commissioner, completion of any other requirement for renewal of the license specified in this chapter and submission of the statement required pursuant to NRS 684A.143 if the licensee is a natural person. The statement, if required, must be submitted, all requirements must be completed and all applicable fees must be paid on or before the last day of the month in which the license is renewable.


Any license not so renewed expires at midnight on the last day specified for its renewal. The Commissioner may accept a request for renewal received by the Commissioner within 30 days after the expiration of the license if the request is accompanied by:


A fee for renewal of 150 percent of all applicable fees otherwise required, except for any fee required pursuant to NRS 680C.110 and subsection 2 of NRS 684A.050;


If the person requesting renewal is a natural person, the statement required pursuant to NRS 684A.143;


Proof of successful completion of any requirement for an examination unless exempt pursuant to NRS 684A.105; and


If applicable, a request for a waiver of the time limit for renewal and of any fine or sanction otherwise required or imposed because of the failure of the licensee to renew his or her license because of military service, extended medical disability or other extenuating circumstance.


This section does not apply to temporary licenses issued under NRS 684A.150.
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