Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 684A.030
“Independent adjuster,” “public adjuster,” “company adjuster” and “staff adjuster” defined.


“Independent adjuster” means an adjuster who is representing the interests of an insurer or a self-insurer and who:


Contracts for compensation with the insurer or self-insurer as an independent contractor or an employee of an independent contractor;


Is treated for tax purposes by the insurer or self-insurer in a manner consistent with an independent contractor rather than an employee; and


Investigates, negotiates or settles property, casualty or surety claims, including, without limitation, workers’ compensation claims, for the insurer or self-insurer.


“Public adjuster” means an adjuster employed by and representing solely the financial interests of the insured named in the policy. The term does not include an adjuster who investigates, negotiates or settles workers’ compensation claims.


“Company adjuster” means a salaried employee of an insurer who:


Investigates, negotiates or settles workers’ compensation claims; and


Obtains a license pursuant to this chapter.


“Staff adjuster” means a person who investigates, negotiates or settles workers’ compensation claims under the authority of a third-party administrator who holds a certificate of registration issued by the Commissioner pursuant to NRS 683A.08524.


“Associate adjuster” means an employee of an adjuster who, under the direct supervision of the adjuster, assists in the investigation and settlement of insurance losses on behalf of his or her employer.
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