Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 684A.090
Application for license; penalty.


The applicant for a license as an adjuster shall file a written application therefor with the Commissioner on forms prescribed and furnished by the Commissioner. As part of, or in connection with, the application, the applicant shall furnish information as to his or her identity, personal history, experience, financial responsibility, business record and other pertinent matters as reasonably required by the Commissioner to determine the applicant’s eligibility and qualifications for the license.


If the applicant is a natural person, the application must include the social security number of the applicant and include a completed copy of the Uniform Individual Application.


If the applicant is a business entity, the application must designate each individual who is to exercise the license powers and must include:


A completed copy of the Uniform Business Entity Application;


The name of each member, officer and director of the business entity, as applicable;


The name of each executive officer and director who owns more than 10 percent of the outstanding voting securities of the applicant; and


The name of any other individual who owns more than 10 percent of the outstanding voting securities of the applicant.
Ê Each such member, officer, director and individual shall furnish information to the Commissioner as though applying for an individual license.


If the applicant is a nonresident of this state, the application must be accompanied by an appointment of the Commissioner as process agent and agreement to appear pursuant to NRS 684A.200.


The application must be accompanied by the applicable license fee as specified in NRS 680B.010 and subsection 2 of NRS 684A.050 and, in addition to any other fee or charge, all applicable fees required pursuant to NRS 680C.110 and subsection 2 of NRS 684A.050.


No applicant for such a license may willfully misrepresent or withhold any fact or information called for in the application form or in connection therewith. A violation of this subsection is a gross misdemeanor.


If the Commissioner determines that the information contained in a Uniform Individual Application or Uniform Business Entity Application submitted with an application pursuant to this section is not true, correct and complete to the best of the applicant’s knowledge and belief, the Commissioner may refuse to issue a license to the applicant or suspend or revoke the applicant’s license.
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