Nevada Insurance
Sec. § 684A.120
Form and contents of license.


The Commissioner shall prescribe the form of the adjuster license, which shall state:


The licensee’s name, business address and a personal identification number;


The classification of the license, whether as an independent adjuster, a public adjuster, a company adjuster or a staff adjuster;


Date of issuance and general conditions as to expiration and termination; and


Such other conditions as the Commissioner deems proper.


The Commissioner may not issue a license in a trade name unless the name has been registered as provided by law.


In order to assist in the performance of the Commissioner’s duties, the Commissioner may contract with any nongovernmental entity, including, without limitation, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners or its affiliates or subsidiaries, to perform any ministerial function, including, without limitation, the collection of fees and data, relating to licensing, that the Commissioner deems appropriate.
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