Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 82.546
Renewal or revival of charter: Procedure; fee; certificate as evidence.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 82.183, any corporation which did exist or is existing pursuant to the laws of this State may, upon complying with the provisions of NRS 78.150 and 82.193, procure a renewal or revival of its charter for any period, together with all the rights, franchises, privileges and immunities, and subject to all its existing and preexisting debts, duties and liabilities secured or imposed by its original charter and amendments thereto, or its existing charter, by filing:


A certificate with the Secretary of State, which must set forth:


The name of the corporation, which must be the name of the corporation at the time of the renewal or revival, or its name at the time its original charter expired.


The information required pursuant to NRS 77.310.


The date when the renewal or revival of the charter is to commence or be effective, which may be, in cases of a revival, before the date of the certificate.


Whether or not the renewal or revival is to be perpetual, and, if not perpetual, the time for which the renewal or revival is to continue.


That the corporation desiring to renew or revive its charter is, or has been, organized and carrying on the business authorized by its existing or original charter and amendments thereto, and desires to renew or continue through revival its existence pursuant to and subject to the provisions of this chapter.


A list of its president, secretary and treasurer and all of its directors and their mailing or street addresses, either residence or business.


A declaration under penalty of perjury, on a form provided by the Secretary of State, that the renewal or revival is authorized by a court of competent jurisdiction in this State or by the duly elected board of directors of the corporation or, if the corporation does not have a board of directors, the equivalent of such a board.


A corporation whose charter has not expired and is being renewed shall cause the certificate to be signed by an officer of the corporation. The certificate must be approved by a majority of the last-appointed surviving directors.


A corporation seeking to revive its original or amended charter shall cause the certificate to be signed by its president or vice president and secretary or assistant secretary. The signing and filing of the certificate must be approved unanimously by the last-appointed surviving directors of the corporation and must contain a recital that unanimous consent was secured. The corporation shall pay to the Secretary of State the fee required to establish a new corporation pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.


The filed certificate, or a copy thereof which has been certified under the hand and seal of the Secretary of State, must be received in all courts and places as prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated and of the existence and incorporation of the corporation named therein.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 78.185, a renewal or revival pursuant to this section relates back to the date on which the corporation’s charter expired or was revoked and renews or revives the corporation’s charter and right to transact business as if such right had at all times remained in full force and effect.

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