Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 82.211
Officers of corporation: Selection; terms; duties.


Every corporation must have a president or a chair of the board, a secretary and a treasurer.


Every corporation may also have one or more vice presidents, assistant secretaries and assistant treasurers, and such other officers and agents as may be deemed necessary.


All officers must be natural persons and must be chosen in such manner, hold their offices for such terms and have such powers and duties as may be prescribed by the bylaws or determined by the board of directors.


An officer holds office after the expiration of his or her term until a successor is chosen or until the officer’s resignation or removal before the expiration of his or her term. A failure to elect officers does not require the corporation to be dissolved. Any vacancy occurring in an office of the corporation by death, resignation, removal or otherwise, must be filled as the bylaws provide, or in the absence of such a provision, by the board of directors.


Any natural person may hold two or more offices.

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