Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 82.351
Amendment of articles: Scope of amendments.


A corporation whose directors have held a first meeting or which has members who are not incorporators may amend its articles in any of the following respects:


By addition to its corporate powers and purposes, or diminution thereof, or both.


By substitution of other powers and purposes, in whole or in part, for those prescribed by its articles of incorporation.


By changing the name of the corporation.


By making any other change or alteration in its articles of incorporation that may be desired.


All such changes or alterations may be effected by one certificate of amendment. Articles so amended, changed or altered may contain only such provisions as it would be lawful and proper to insert in original articles, pursuant to NRS 82.086 and 82.091 or the other statutes governing the contents of the corporation’s articles, if the original articles were signed and filed at the time of making the amendment.

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