Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 82.461
Dissolved corporations: Duties of person appointed or authorized to act in liquidation.

The directors, trustees, receivers or those persons appointed or authorized to act in liquidation of a dissolved corporation shall:


Wind up the corporation;


Realize upon its assets;


Pay its debts; and


Distribute the residue of its money and property as follows:


Assets held by the corporation on the condition that upon dissolution they be returned, transferred or conveyed must be returned, transferred or conveyed as required;


Assets received and held by the corporation subject to limitations permitting their use only for charitable, religious, eleemosynary, benevolent, educational or similar purposes, but not held upon a condition requiring return, transfer or conveyance upon dissolution, must be transferred or conveyed to one or more domestic or foreign corporations, societies or organizations engaged in activities substantially similar to those of the dissolving corporation, pursuant to a plan of distribution;


Other assets, if any, must be distributed in accordance with the provisions of the articles or the bylaws to the extent the articles or bylaws determine the distribution of assets; and


Any remaining assets may be distributed to the members and such persons, societies, organizations or domestic or foreign corporations, whether or not for profit, as may be specified in the plan of distribution.

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