Nevada Business Associations; Securities; Commodities

Sec. § 82.311
Provisional director: Appointment; qualifications; rights and powers; removal.


Any director or one-third of the members may apply to the district court to appoint one person to be a provisional director when the business of the corporation is suffering or is threatened with irreparable injury because the directors are so divided respecting the management of the affairs of the corporation that the required vote for action by the board of directors cannot be obtained and the members, if any, are unable to terminate this division.


A provisional director must be an impartial person, who is neither a member nor a creditor of the corporation, nor related by consanguinity or affinity within the third degree according to the common law to any of the other directors of the corporation. A provisional director has all the rights and powers of a director until the provisional director is removed by order of the court or by approval of one-third of the members, if any, or majority of the directors, not counting the provisional director. The provisional director is entitled to compensation as fixed by the court unless otherwise agreed with the corporation.

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