Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 445A.680
Violations: Provisions concerning surface waters of higher quality and diffuse sources; remedies; exception.

Except as otherwise provided in NRS 445A.707, if the Director finds that any person is engaged or about to engage in any act or practice which violates any provision of NRS 445A.565 and 445A.570, or any standard or other regulation adopted pursuant thereto, with respect to a diffuse source:


The Director may issue an order:


Specifying the provision or provisions of NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive, or the regulation or order alleged to be violated or about to be violated;


Indicating the facts alleged which constitute a violation thereof; and


Prescribing the necessary corrective action to be taken and a reasonable period for completing that corrective action,
Ê but no civil or criminal penalty may be imposed for failure to obey the order.


If the corrective action is not taken or completed, or without the Director first issuing an order:


The Director may commence a civil action pursuant to NRS 445A.695; or


The Department may compel compliance by injunction or other appropriate remedy pursuant to subsection 4 of NRS 445A.700.

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