Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 445A.520
Standards of water quality.


The Commission shall establish water quality standards at a level designed to protect and ensure a continuation of the designated beneficial use or uses which the Commission has determined to be applicable to each stream segment or other body of surface water in the State.


The Commission shall base its water quality standards on water quality criteria which numerically or descriptively define the conditions necessary to maintain the designated beneficial use or uses of the water. The water quality standards must reflect water quality criteria which define the conditions necessary to support, protect and allow the propagation of fish, shellfish and other wildlife and to provide for recreation in and on the water if these objectives are reasonably attainable.


The Commission may establish water quality standards for individual segments of streams or for other bodies of surface water which vary from standards based on recognized criteria if such variations are justified by the circumstances pertaining to particular places, as determined by biological monitoring or other appropriate studies.

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