Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 445A.500
Permits: Conditions; notice of application.


Each permit issued by the Department must ensure compliance with the following factors whenever applicable to the discharge or the injection of fluids through a well for which the permit is sought:


Effluent limitations;


Standards of performance for new sources;


Standards for pretreatment;


Standards for injections of fluids through a well; and


Any more stringent limitations, including any necessary to meet or effectuate standards of water quality, standards of treatment or schedules of compliance developed by the Department as part of a continuing planning process or areawide plan for the management of the treatment of waste under NRS 445A.580 or in furthering the purposes and goals of NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive.


Each permit must specify average and maximum daily or other appropriate quantitative limitations for the level of pollutants or contaminants in the authorized discharge or injection.


If an application is made to discharge from a point source into any waters of this State which flow directly or ultimately into an irrigation reservoir upstream from which are located urban areas in two or more counties and if each county has a population of 55,000 or more, the Department must give notice of the application to each city, county, unincorporated town and irrigation district located downstream from the point of discharge. Notice to an unincorporated town must be given to the town board or advisory council if there is one.

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