Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 445A.660
Observation, recording and reporting of discharges.

The Commission may by regulation, and the Department may by order or permit, require any person injecting or causing an injection of fluids through a well or the owner or operator of any source of a discharge into waters of the State or into treatment works to:


Establish and maintain such records;


Make such reports;


Install, calibrate, use and maintain such equipment or methods for continuing observation, including where appropriate, biological methods for continuing observation;


Sample such discharges or injections of fluids in accordance with such methods, at such locations, at such intervals and in such manner; and


Provide such other information relating to injections or discharges into waters of the State,
Ê as the Director prescribes or as is necessary to determine the existence, nature and frequency of any injections through a well or any discharges into waters of the State or into treatment works.

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