Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 445A.655
Entry and inspection of premises.

To enforce the provisions of NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive, or any regulation, order or permit issued thereunder, the Director or authorized representative of the Department may, upon presenting proper credentials:


Enter any premises in which any act violating NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive, originates or takes place or in which any required records are required to be maintained;


At reasonable times, have access to and copy any records required to be maintained;


Inspect any equipment or method for continuing observation; and


Have access to and sample any discharges or injection of fluids into waters of the State which result directly or indirectly from activities of the owner or operator of the premises where the discharge originates or takes place or the injection of fluids through a well takes place.

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