Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 445A.665
Public access to information; disclosure of confidential information.


Any records, reports or information obtained under NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive, must be available to the public for inspection and copying unless the Director considers the record, report or information or part thereof as confidential on a satisfactory showing that the information contained therein, other than information describing a discharge into the waters of the State or injection of contaminants through a well, is entitled to protection as a trade secret of the informant.


Any record, report or information treated as confidential may be disclosed or transmitted to other officers, employees or authorized representatives of this State or the United States who:


Carry out the provisions of NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive; or


Consider the information relevant in any proceeding under NRS 445A.300 to 445A.730, inclusive, and the information is admissible under the rules of evidence.

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