Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.420
Form of writ of restitution; execution.


The writ of restitution issued by a justice of the peace must be substantially in the following form:
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The State of Nevada to the sheriff or constable of the county of ................, greeting: Whereas, A.B., of the county of ................, at a court of inquiry of an unlawful holding over of (lands) (tenements) (a mobile home), and other possessions, held at my office (stating the place), in the county aforesaid, on the ........ day of .............., A.D. ....., before me, a justice of the peace for the county aforesaid, by the consideration of the court, has recovered judgment against C.D., to have restitution of (here describe the premises as in the complaint). You are therefore commanded, that taking with you the force of the county, if necessary, you cause C.D. to be immediately removed from the premises, and A.B. to have peaceable restitution of the premises. You are also commanded that of the goods and chattels of C.D., within said county, which are not exempt from execution, you cause to be made the sum of ........ dollars for the plaintiff, together with the costs of suit endorsed hereon, and make return of this writ within 30 days after this date. Given under my hand, this ........ day of ........, A.D. ..... E.F., justice of the peace.
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The sheriff or constable shall execute the writ in the same manner as required by the provisions of chapter 21 of NRS for writs of execution.

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