Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.416
Recovery of possession by occupant who has been locked out of dwelling: Filing of verified complaint for reentry; trial; issuance of writ of restitution if lockout was unjustified; appeal; failure to comply constitutes contempt.


If the owner of a dwelling or an authorized representative of the owner locks an occupant out of the dwelling pursuant to NRS 40.412, the occupant may recover possession of the dwelling as provided in this section.


The occupant must file with the justice court of the township in which the dwelling is located a verified complaint for reentry, specifying:


The facts of the lockout by the owner of the dwelling or the authorized representative of the owner; and


The legal basis upon which reentry into the dwelling is warranted.


The court shall, after notice to both parties, hold a trial on the occupant’s verified complaint for reentry not later than 10 judicial days after the date on which the occupant files the verified complaint for reentry.


If the court finds that an unjustified lockout has occurred, the court must issue a writ of restitution, restoring possession of the dwelling to the occupant.


A party may appeal from the court’s judgment at the trial on the verified complaint for reentry in the same manner as a party may appeal a judgment in an action for forcible detainer.


If the owner of the dwelling or the person on whom a writ of restitution is served fails to immediately comply with the writ or later disobeys the writ, the failure is grounds for contempt of court against the owner or the person on whom the writ was served, under chapter 22 of NRS.


This section does not affect:


The right of any party to pursue a separate cause of action under this chapter or chapter 118A of NRS if the court finds that a landlord and tenant relationship exists between the parties; or


The rights of an owner or occupant in a forcible detainer, unlawful detainer or forcible entry and detainer action.

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