Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 40.290
Parties defendant; persons bound by judgment.

No person other than the tenant of the premises and the subtenant, if there be one, in actual occupation of the premises when the action is commenced, need be made parties defendant in the proceeding, nor shall any proceeding abate nor the plaintiff be nonsuited for the nonjoinder of any person who might have been made a party defendant; but when it appears that any of the parties served with process or appearing in the proceeding is guilty of the offense charged, judgment must be rendered against the party. In case a person has become subtenant of the premises in controversy after the service of any notice in this chapter provided for, the fact that such notice was not served on such subtenant shall constitute no defense to the action. All persons who enter under the tenant, after the commencement of the action hereunder, shall be bound by the judgment the same as if they had been made parties to the action.

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