Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 21.230
Payments of redemption to purchaser, redemptioner or officer; documents to be served by redemptioner; sheriff to pay over money.


The payments mentioned in NRS 21.210 and 21.220 may be made to the purchaser or redemptioner, or for him or her to the officer who made the sale. When the judgment under which the sale has been made is payable in a specified kind of money or currency, payments must be made in the same kind of money or currency, and a tender of the money is equivalent to payment.


Notice of redemption must be served by a redemptioner upon the sheriff and the person from whom the redemptioner seeks to redeem together with:


A copy of the docket of the judgment under which the redemptioner claims the right to redeem, certified by the clerk of the court or of the county where the judgment is docketed, or, if he or she redeems upon a mortgage or other lien, a note of the record thereof, certified by the recorder.


A copy of any assignment necessary to establish the redemptioner’s claim, verified by the affidavit of the redemptioner, or the redemptioner’s agent, or of a subscribing witness thereto.


An affidavit by the redemptioner, or the redemptioner’s agent, showing the amount then actually due on the lien.


Upon the payment to the sheriff of any money for the redemption of property as provided in this chapter, the sheriff shall pay over the same to the person entitled thereto.

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