Nevada Civil Practice

Sec. § 21.107
Court order that money in personal bank account is subject to writ; manner in which to claim exemption for exempt money.


Notwithstanding the provisions of NRS 21.105, if a judgment debtor has a personal bank account in more than one financial institution, the judgment creditor is entitled to an order from the court to be issued with the writ of execution or garnishment which states that all money held in all such accounts of the judgment debtor that are identified in the application for the order are subject to the writ.


A judgment creditor may apply to the court for an order pursuant to subsection 1 by submitting a signed affidavit which identifies each financial institution in which the judgment debtor has a personal account.


A judgment debtor may claim an exemption for any exempt money in the account to which the writ attaches in the manner set forth in NRS 21.112.

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